Healthcare has always been an evolving field of study since the inception of mankind. Nursing has always been a vital pillar of health care. In the Modern Era, the Nursing Profession is emerging as a significant contender with dedicated, skilled and professionalized service, based on evidence-based training. Nursing is a noble profession that is focused on taking care of individuals, families, and communities to promote health, prevent illness, and provide treatment for those who are sick or injured and thus improve the community on the whole.

Department of Nursing, Graphic Era Hill University, from its inception has moved with a vision of providing a strong base for its students to nurture into skilled and highly competent professionals and strives to meet the increasing demands of the Profession.

The Department is currently offering undergraduate degrees with a foresight of bringing post-graduate and doctoral programs in the future. These programs include topics such as Nursing theory, healthcare ethics, pharmacology, patient care management, and clinical practice. The curriculum of a course is the basis on which the enrolled students/professionals are nurtured. The periodic introduction of advancements in the Nursing curriculum has continuously opened varied opportunities for students to develop a strong skill base and prospects of overall professional growth. With the advancement in the health care system and increasing awareness of society about health, the need to have skilled and sound nurses is of prime importance.

Nursing has always been a profession of choice for many in India and the world. Nurses have a huge scope in terms of professional growth with work opportunities in both private and government sectors in India and abroad. Graduates of Nursing programs may go on to work as clinical nurse specialists, nurse educators, nurse administrators, community health officers, military Nursing or other roles within the field of Nursing.

The Nursing program includes interprofessional education as a key component, helping to prepare students for the realities of the modern healthcare system. Graphic Era group under its aegis also boasts of 900 bedded Graphic Era Hospital, thus the students of the Nursing Department from Graphic Era Hill University, Bhimtal will have hands-on clinical experience and excellent opportunities for internships.

Overall, the Department of Nursing at Graphic Era Hill University is functioning with a strong belief in preparing students for successful careers in the field of Nursing. Through a combination of classroom learning and hands-on experience, students develop the skills necessary to provide high-quality care to patients in a variety of settings. Additionally, the Department plays an important role in advancing knowledge and research in the field, helping to improve healthcare delivery and outcomes for patients. The campus not only nurtures students’ academic aspects but also provides them with the opportunity to explore and participate in university as well as inter-university activities like sports, cultural events, fests, poster competitions, etc. which helps in overall development.

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